Co-founders of Eden's Pure Herbals

We are a family owned and operated team, committed to providing our customers with high quality herbal products with absolutely no toxic ingredients. We want to be your partner when it comes to choosing safe and effective products for your skincare needs.
With several years spent in the skincare industry and our close relationships with our customers, the team at Eden's Pure Herbals will spend time getting to know what's important to you so we can deliver on your skincare needs and wishes, time and again.

We're not just all about skincare though, we are also a radical Christian unschooling family, we love to read, learn and travel. We sing, dance, write, act, cook and bake from scratch. We speak publicly and laugh a lot. We love encouraging others and giving prophetic words to God's creation. You can get to know Patrice more by reading her personal blog here. Jaiela, is in the process of starting her personal blog. (((hint, hint, Jaiela)))